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02.06.2022 bis 02.06.2022

Science Communication and Self-Marketing

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Veranstaltung ausschließlich für Fachpublikum

Navigating Social Media and Other Formats

2nd June 2022, 12-14 pm


You would like to know how to better promote yourself and your research? Then join this talk and
networking event hosted by the Graduate Studies Support at the Berlin University Alliance!

Openness, transparency and the ability to communicate with diverse audiences inside and outside ac-
ademia are key competences in 21st century research and innovation. In the talk, you will learn about
current trends in science communication, formats of science communication and in particular, social
media channels as a means for science communication. In a short Q&A session, you will get the chance
to address your individual questions and get some input by a professional in the field.

In the second half of the event, you will get the chance to meet other PhD students in a moderated
networking session: Exchange ideas, connect with others, and start planning your Science Communi-
cation future!

Registration and Access

The event will take place online. Further information and access to the streaming link will be provided
on the online platform Lounjee. If you are already registered as a member of the Early Career Research-
ers Berlin Group on Lounjee, you can register for this event under “Talks and Networking”. If you are
not yet registered as a member, please register as follows:

1. First create an "Attendee account":
2. Log in here:
3. Join the group "Early Career Researchers in Berlin". Special Code: ECR-BUA


This event is part of the Berlin University Alliance’s series “Talks and Networking”, which is open to all
PhD students within the Alliance. Events take place four times a year (in March, June, September and
December) and each event can be attended individually. For more information, please join our “Early
Career Researchers Berlin” group on Lounjee. You can do so by registering as explained above.



Dr. Annette Klinkert, Amanda Wichert


Graduate Studies Support


2 June 2022, 12-14 pm




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