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(In)credible Research – Konferenzdokumentation

Hier findet ihr alles rund um die Online-Konferenz (In)credible Research für Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen die am 29.-30. Oktober 2020 stattgefunden hat. 

Hier sind unter anderem die Sprecher/innen-Präsentationen, die Video-Keynotes und die Mentimeter-Ergebnisse der Diskussion über die Herausforderungen für Nachwuchswissenschaftler/innen veröffentlicht (Dokumentation in der Konferenzsprache, in Englisch).



Sie befinden sich hier:

Open Letter to BUA Universities’ Presidents

One of the main objectives of  (In)credible Research - Early Career Researcher (ECR) Conference 2020 was to recommend changes to improve the situation of ECRs in Berlin. Based on the discussions during the conference, we formulated a letter to the presidents of the BUA universities. 

The letter summarizes the main challenges we discussed during the conference and recommends actions to face them. We are confident that this open letter marks the beginning of a constructive dialogue between Berlin ECRs and Berlin university leadership. This dialogue will become actionable in particular in objective 4 of the BUA: “Promoting Talent”.

Open Letter to BUA Universities’ Presidents

Appendix: Summary of the ECR Discussions

Article Tagesspiegel (German)

Initiatives for and by ECRs

We have started to collect information on initiatives like journal or book clubs, campaigns, and other formats that aim to improve the research environment, regardless of location or field.

This collecting is made publicly available as an open resource for everyone. 

Some examples are the ReproducibiliTea, the "Bullied Into Bad Science"  campaign, or the Society for Improvement of Psychological Science SIPS.

Please make sure to contribute to our list if you know any such initiatives you would like to share!

You find the list here

We are looking forward to your contribution! 

(When filling out the list, please make sure the information is relevant and verifiable and meets our Code of Conduct. The list will be reviewed and the (In)credible Research organizing team reserves the right to delete information).

Live illustration and ECR discussion

The discussion between the young scientists was accompanied by the graphic recording by Marianna Poppitz. Here are the great visualized results of the discussion. (Copyright: Marianna Poppitz).

Problems and challenges in today´s Berlin-Academia!

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Video contributions by the speakers


Die Workshops im Überblick