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07.09.2022 To 08.09.2022

Wie wird aus meiner Forschung ein guter Fachartikel?

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Event for expert public only

Wie wird aus meiner Forschung ein guter Fachartikel?

Successfully managing the transition to the writing phase

(in German language only!)

Target group:

PhD students from the natural and life sciences with empirical research projects who are writing a publication PhD (cumulative PhD) and are in the transition from data collection to the writing phase. 


In the work process of a publication doctorate, the transition from literature research and data collection to writing is often particularly challenging. This is because it is now necessary to break down a more or less complex study into one or more scientific articles as well as to write a synopsis for it.

While the synopsis is usually an unfamiliar form of text for the doctoral candidates, they enter into direct competition with other authors when submitting manuscripts. One difficulty is often that junior researchers do not yet have the publication experience of seniors and are not yet familiar with the requirements of the various journals as well as with the criteria of the editorial offices and peer reviewers.

The workshop "How to turn my research into a good journal article?" - Successfully Designing the Transition to the Writing Phase consists of two sub-formats:
a two-day workshop and a 60-minute individual coaching session for each participant.

A brief overview of the workshop contents:

  • Challenges of writing scientific articles and typical stumbling blocks for junior researchers
  • (Re-)focusing: Clarifying positions and messages of the scientific text proposal
  • Conceptualizing the text with the help of a concept abstract; review and consolidation with peer feedback loop
  • Which writing strategy suits me best - promoting strengths, mitigating risks
  • Techniques for starting writing: low-threshold writing; creativity and control: first draft and revision
  • Constructing the relationship between synopsis and scientific article


Description Individual Coaching:

Complementing the workshop content, the one-on-one coaching session offers participants the opportunity to address and deepen individual questions about their writing situation and process in a protected setting.

The individual coaching sessions last 60 minutes per person and are conducted in parallel by two coaches on the two days following the workshop. Appointments will be made after registration.



The workshop and one-on-one coaching sessions will take place as an online event on a video conference platform.

Elective: Elective I; Personal Skills and Interdisciplinary Courses (0.9 ECTS-CP points)


Registration will open on the 8th of August at 12 pm.

PhD students of the Berlin University Alliance (Charité/FU/HU/TU) are eligible to participate.

Organizational and administrative matters


Dr. Sven Arnold

Event organizer

Graduate Studies Support


07 & 08.09.2022 9:00 am - 3:30 pm: Workshop (online)
09. & 12. & 13.09.2022 10:00 am - 2:30 pm: individual coachings (online)


The workshop and one-on-one coaching sessions will take place as an online event on a video conference platform.


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