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24.04.2023 To 25.04.2023

How to Organize a Digital Event

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Event for expert public only

Organizing a Digital Event

When:         24. - 25. April 2023, jeweils 09:30 - 13:30 Uhr

Language:  English

Where:        Online

Who:            PhD students and Postdocs of the Berlin University Alliance (FU, HU, TU, Charité


Background & Goals

Organizing a successful digital event can be complicated. Unclear tasks and goals can cause confusion, over-flowing inboxes, and endless online meetings that seem to go around in circles. Not quite knowing what to expect in online event planning –the unknown unknowns of an online event –can make things even more complicated when new tasks appear late in your event planning timeline and no one is quite sure who’s re-sponsible for them.

Creating a step-by-step plan with clearly defined tasks andresponsibilitiesthat take into account all of the goals and risks involved in your event will make the event planning efficient and reduce complexity. Defining an easy-to-use central tool for task managementand communication, setting up clear communication chan-nels, and agreeing on how you want to use these collaboration tools as a team are important elements of effective digital collaboration.

In this workshop, we’ll go over the steps required to plan and carry out asuccessful online event. We’ll dis-cuss tasks and roles, organizing communication,define deadlines and manage event risks. Participants will plan the event as a team and develop a clear understanding of their goals in collaboration.

You will have the opportunity  to practice the knowledge you have acquired in this workshop, by joining  us  as  part of the Planning Team for  the (In)Credible Research Conference 2023.

Workshop Day One

  • What is our goal, and what steps will we need to take in order to achieve that goal?
  • What needs to be done in order to have a successful digital event?
    • Running a digital event
    • Communicating with guests and participantsoRegistration process
    • Evaluationand feedbackoTech tools (Lounjee, Teams, etc)

  • Which tasks do we see, and who will be responsible for them?
  • What responsibilities have we identified?

Workshop Day Two

  • How will we organize ourselves? Who will be responsible for varioustypes of tasks?
  • Where and how will we meet? How often? For which purposes?
  • How can we best use Microsoft Teams to organize tasks, documents, and communication?
  • What do we need to communicate about? How will we organize our communication to avoid an email flood?
  • Which documents need to be created and who will be responsible for them?



Interactive digital methods, including collaboration with online tools.


Technical Details:

The workshop will take place as an online event on a video conferencing platform. Camera and microphone (internal or external) are required. LAN connection is recommended for stability reasons.

Supplement Terms of Use:

By registering, the use of the specified platforms/tools is accepted. The participants themselves are responsible for ensuring that the technical requirements are met.



Please use our registration form.

PhD students of the Berlin University Alliance (Charité/FU/HU/TU) are eligible to participate.


Elective: Elective I; personal skills and interdisciplinary courses.

Organizational and administrative matters


Amanda Wichert/WITOS

Event organizer

Graduate Studies Support


Workshop: 24.& 25. April 2023, jeweils 9:30-13:30 (online)




Dr. Nicole Bornheim-Gallmeister

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