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21.06.2023 To 28.06.2023

Agile research: Flow and energy throughout ups and downs during scientific work

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Event for expert public only

When:         June 21st and June, 28th, 2023, 9:00 – 17:00 

Language:  English

Where:        Online

Who:            PhD students and Postdocs of the Berlin University Alliance (FU, HU, TU, Charité)


REGISTRATION: Please use our registration form.



You are prepared to conquer the lab using the scientific tools: Observation, construction of hypothesis, testing hypothesis through experiments, analyzing the experimental results and - incorporating the outcome into a theory.

But then real live enters the lab: You may get stuck with complex observations, uncertain hypothesis, experimental methods to be refined, ambiguous testing results and difficult matches into a complex theory? Welcome to reality!

The good news:  it is possible to handle this scientific research reality and transform setbacks and successes into valuable progress.

Agile workflow is not just a tool to organize research work, it is also mental support to believe in progress through feedback, learning from mistakes and trust in the own strengths to push things in the right direction.

This interactive workshop is meant to train your competencies to enhance curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and communication in your everyday research work:

You will get to know the principles and framework of agile collaboration, but mostly we will explore how to apply it to your individual work. At the end of the day, we want you to enjoy research with even more courage, trust, autonomy and collaboration!

You will find valuable feedback from different perspectives during the exchange with students from other fields. This enhances your view to a larger picture of your research.

Life is short, create research, that matters!



  • Dealing with volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous work conditions
  • Create workflow for real live research conditions: agile short cycles instead of unrealistic milestones and linear project management
  • Check early to improve rapidly (or: fail fast to fix early):
  • How to turn your individual Strength into the four key competencies: Creativity, curiosity, collaboration and communication


Workshop plan:

One week before the workshop, you will receive a prepackage to prepare for the workshop.

One day before the workshop you will receive the link for our  online work.

Day 1:

  • Success factors and game changer in agile processes
  • Applying agile principles:
    • 1. Finding the question behind the question
    • 2. Integrating user perspectives
    • 3. The proof of the pudding is in the eating

  • Reflection: Getting to know your specific strength to get most energy during the progress

Day 2:

  • Prototyping: Make the next step tangible and go for first results
  • Peer-case consultation: Finding the best next step which suits most to your way of work


About the trainer:

As a coach, organizational developer and graduate physicist, Susanne Lange supports her clients to find creative ways in complex situations.

She loves to work with vibrant people and organizations that create new experiences with their uncommon ideas. For more than 15 years she works with:

  • People in education and research: lecturers, researchers, research managers, students, teachers,
  • Managers, teams and employees in research, industry and education
  • Founders on their way from an idea to the product
  • Creatives who want to focus more energy on their various projects

Some focal points of her work are:

  • From the idea to the experience: Getting plans to work
  • Finding the right partners to reach your goal
  • Conducting negotiations safely and with fun
  • Dealing confidently with colleagues and in other circumstances
  • Using the energy of conflicts to reach your goals
  • Act and present your ideas convincingly.



Please use our registration form.

PhD students of the Berlin University Alliance (Charité/FU/HU/TU) are eligible to participate.


Elective: Elective I; personal skills and interdisciplinary courses.

Organizational and administrative matters


Susanne Langer

Event organizer

Graduate Studies Support


Workshop: June 21st and June, 28th, 2023, 9:00 – 17:00




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