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(In)Credible Research 2023: Integrity of Science

Interdisciplinary Online Conference for Early Career Researchers

12th & 13th October 2023

With lectures, discussions and workshops, everything revolves around the quality, integrity and credibility of science.

Conference language: English

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Following last year’s highly successful event, the team behind the fourth annual (In)credible research conference is excited to offer what will undoubtedly be an enriching and memorable experience for all participants, and we are proud to do so in a largely digital format. We kindly invite you to attend and be inspired by the knowledge and dedication of the various experts who will help to shape this discipline-independent event.

The Charité in cooperation with the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) are sponsoring this online conference and a dedicated group of doctoral students, with the support of the Berlin University Alliance (BUA), will be responsible for its realization.

This exchange of ideas will cover a number of highly fascinating and relevant topics for the early career researchers to which it is tailored. This will include the examination of four overarching subjects:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Artificial intelligence as it relates to diversity and inclusion in science
  • Fundamentals of methodology and how to apply them in your research
  • Work life balance for young scientists

This conference is intended for students wishing to deepen their knowledge and skills in the aforementioned topics, which bear great importance in both the professional and personal lives of all researchers. To this end we will be making use of a variety of presentation formats, including; panel discussions, workshops and lectures from keynotes speakers. The speaker-list consists of the top individuals in their respective fields and we are proud to present them to you.


HIGHLIGHT - IN-PERSON WORKSHOP on WORK LIFE BALANCE on Friday, 13.10.2023, 14:00-17:00:

In addition to the various digital sessions, we will also have an entertaining and interactive in-person workshop focusing on work life balance. This will be followed by a social event where participants and organizers can get to know one another better. Venue: Lehrgebäude - Forum 3, Charité Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK), Weststraße, 13353 Berlin.

We are always happy to receive feedback and we welcome you to reach out to engage and discuss with us.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and feel free to follow us on social media!

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Your (In)Credible Team


PhD students and Postdocs from all disciplines were invited to attend!

The registration is now open! Please use our registration form to register.

Thursday, 12. October 2023



Topics and Persons

11:30 - 11:45



11:45 - 12:00


Welcome Organizing Team

12:00 - 12:15

Welcome Address

Greeting Dean of Charité (Prof. Dr. Joachim Spranger)

12:15 - 12:30


Integrity of Science Introduction to the topic and speakers

12:30 - 12:45


Conflict of interest Lori Bruce, MSc

12:45 - 13:00


Wendy Lipworth, PhD

13:00 - 13:15


Nia Johnson, JD, PhD

13:15 - 13:30


Barbara Bierer, MD

13:35 - 14:15


Nia Johnson, JD, PhD, Barbara Bierer, MD

14:15 - 14:45



14:45 - 15:00


AI & Diversity and inclusion in science Introduction to the topic and speakers

15:00- 15:20


Tech Ethics - ChatGPT use in research Dr. Olya Kudina

15:20 - 15:40


Responsible AI Dr. Dr. Seth Christopher Yaw Appiah

15:40 - 16:00


Disability-centered AI Yonah Welker

16:00 - 16:10



16:10 - 17:00


How can AI promote diversity and inclusion in science? Dr. Olya Kudina, Dr.Dr. Seth Appiah, Yonah Welker

17:00 - 17:20

Wrap up

Conclusions Organizing Team

Friday, 13. Oktober 2022



Topics and Persons

08:45 - 09:00



09:00 - 09:15


Recap Organizing team

09:15 - 10:30


Methodology in science Introduction to the topic and speaker

09:30 - 10:30


What you always wanted to ask about p-values Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl

10:30 - 10:45



10:45 - 11:45


Qualitative research methods Margaret R. Roller

11:45 - 12:00

Wrap up

Conclusions Organizing team


13:30 - 14:00



14:00 - 14:15


Work-Life-Balance (In-Person) Introduction to the topic and speakers

14:15 - 15:15


Employment conditions in academia and their relation to good research practice Rima-Maria Rahal

15:15 - 15:30



15:30 - 16:30


Amanda Wichert

16:30 - 18:00

Networking event


(In)credible Research - What do we mean with that?

Studies that present clean, positive (i.e., hypothesis confirming) results, tell good stories, and make spectacular claims are more likely to be published than studies that find negative (i.e., not different from null), inconclusive, or mixed results and report them transparently.
The title we chose refers to this tension: Science needs to be credible rather than incredible.
Publication bias, lack of reproducibility, replicability, and transparency damage the credibility of research and distort the representation of knowledge in the literature. In the long run, this is detrimental to science as a collaborative enterprise that seeks to approximate truth about the world we live in and erodes the public's trust in the research they fund.

For a more comprehensive discussion see Simine Vazire's article "Do We Want to Be Credible or Incredible?" published in the Observer of the Association of Psychological Science: here.