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Graduate Studies Support (BUA)

We as Graduate Studies Support are the intersection of the Charité with the qualification program for all PhD students of the Berlin University Alliance. The Graduate Studies Support program aims to improve the conditions for all doctoral students of the four alliance partners (HU, TU, FU and Charité).

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The Excellence Network

Joint offers for education and training as well as mentoring and supervision play a central role. The Network of Excellence therefore offers all doctoral students at the four partner institutions a comprehensive qualification program that reflects the different phases of a doctorate. The program includes five core events and numerous workshops, coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Core events

Further qualification offers

As the Graduate Studies Support of the Charité, we organize some of the offers in-house and feel especially responsible for the doctoral students of the Charité. We plan our program with the special demands of the life sciences in mind. Thus, in addition to our general qualification offers, we also integrate very decidedly medical topics in our workshops.

Our counterparts at BUA are:

Together, all institutions offer a comprehensive program that is available to doctoral students at the BUA universities.

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