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07.11.2023 To 08.11.2023

Developing Your Own Professional Options

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Event for expert public only

Developing Your Own Professional Options

Career developing in natural and life sciences

When:          November 7th & 8th, 2023; 9:00 - 17:00 each day

Language:   ENGLISH

Where:         Online

Who:            Doctoral Candidates and Postdocs at Berlin University Alliance (FU, HU, TU, Charité)

Electives:    Elective I; personal skills and interdisciplinary courses. (0.7 ECTS-CP Points)


Registration:   Please use our registration form to register


Description and Contents:

When academically inclined people think about job-search, they often imagine a process that involves job-postings, resumés, degrees, diplomas, cover letters and applications. The process they envision is straight-forward, simple, and (for most job-seekers) horrendously ineffective. “Ineffective” in the sense that – for most people and most jobs – it simply does not work. Responding to job-ads by sending resumés to HR departments can have a toxic effect on your own sense of self-respect.

This highly interactive workshop presents a user-friendly, people-friendly alternative approach. It proposes investing your time first of all in identifying those skills you most want to use. The focus then turns to working out two or three fields of interest, where you think you might want to use those skills. And then it becomes a matter of generating a personal network of people working in the fields you want to investigate. No flattery. No sucking up. No brown-nosing. Honestly laying your cards on the table, every step of the way.

The connections you make during your networking phase, later become the connections that put you in contact with the person who eventually hires you. The whole process is person-to-person, face-to-face. The way you conduct your jobsearch becomes evidence of the kind of person you are. And they will hire you because of who you have shown yourself to be.

Workshop Plan:

Day 1              *   The (huge!) hidden employment market (How do employers really search?) 

                        *   Skills: you’ll have to identify them for yourself (Whether you see them or not) 

Day 2              *   The interest-based jobsearch campaign (Exploding circles and Interview Partners). 

                        *   Effective Networking: no small-talk, no slime (Systematically, but still practical)


The smaller part of this event involves the facilitator presenting workshop content. The (far more!) important part of the event consists of you allowing yourself to participate in the learning sequences, talking about yourself with others and giving and receiving feedback.

This will necessitate

  • an hour of preparation in the days before the workshop,
  • a half-hour of preparation after the first day, and
  • full participation during the two days.

If you don’t have the time to prepare, or if you know that you can’t be there for the full time, then you would probably be happier with a different kind of workshop.


Workshop Facilitator:

John Webb

John Webb has been presenting Career Management workshops for universities, educational institutions, NGO’s and multinationals for over 32 years. Participants often describe his events as rigorous, fun, and highly effective.



Organizational and administrative matters


John Webb

Event organizer

Charité Graduate Studies Support / Berlin University Alliance


November 7th & 8th, 2023; 9:00 - 17:00 each day




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