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25.10.2021 To 26.10.2021

"All I have to do now is write this down ..."?

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Event for expert public only

Successfully designing the transition to the writing phase

Scientific writing for doctoral students in natural and life sciences

Target group:
Doctoral students in the natural and life sciences with empirical research projects who are writing a monographic (not cumulative) dissertation and are in the transition from data collection to the writing phase.

In the working process of a monographic dissertation, the transition from literature review and data collection to writing is often particularly challenging. This is because a monograph is usually a much more complex and extensive task than, for example, writing a 15-page scientific article. In most cases, more material has to be processed, theoretical and methodological principles have to be presented in more detail, and, last but not least, a longer working process has to be controlled and sustained. The workshop "All I have to do now is write this down ..."? - Successfully designing the transition to the writing phase" consists of two sub-formats: a two-day workshop and a 60-minute individual coaching session for all participants.

A brief overview of the workshop contents:

  • Challenges of scientific writing and typical stumbling blocks for junior researchers
  • (Re-)focusing: clarifying positions and messages of the scientific text proposal
  • Conceptualizing the text with the help of a concept abstract; review and consolidation with peer feedback loop
  • Techniques for starting writing: low-threshold writing; creativity and control: first draft and revision
  • Which writing strategy suits me - promoting strengths, mitigating risks
  • On the relationship between scientificity and comprehensibility; technical language and technical jargon
  • text comprehensibility toolbox


Organizational and administrative matters


Dr. Sven Arnold

Event organizer

Dr. Sven Arnold


25./26.10.2021 9:00am - 3:30 Workshop
27./28.10.2021 9:00am - 3:30 individual coaching


The workshop and the one-on-one coaching sessions take place as an online event on a video conferencing platform.


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